Paradise Story Resort

Explorateer Openings


Why Consider Becoming an EXPLORATEER (volunteer) at HARMONIC PARADISE STUDIOS?

 - You get to join the Paradise Story team, working on the creation of Paradise Story on Earth. It doesn't get any better than that!

- As a thank you, you'll receive original art from Chef Pru, which apart from it's sacred value, could be worth something economically someday.

- As HARMONIC PARADISE STUDIOS grows, so will the experiences, leisure and abundance we will offer our Explorateers, Hostateers and Observateers, worldwide, free of charge, no strings attached, by volunteer workforce and kind, generous donations in exchange for products and services, applying all the incoming energy, material and currency into expanding self-sufficiency, green lifestyles and practices, products, services, experiences, progress, freedom and harmony for all Explorateers, Hostateers and Observateers, worldwide.


Check out our current openings!

TALENT: LTHS 1.1 Animation, Film, Directors, Artists, Actors, Writers & Musicians (VIRTUAL)

PRODUCERS: LTHS 1.1 Online Entertainment, Music, Animation, Film (VIRTUAL)

DEVELOPERS :  LTHS 1.1 Online and Mobile (VIRTUAL)

MARKETING: LTHS 1.1 Online Entertainment  Marketing & PR (VIRTUAL)

EXECUTIVE: LTHS 1.1 Online Entertainment (VIRTUAL)

R&D: LTHS 1.1 Principal Researcher Collaborations (VIRTUAL)

CARE: LTHS 1.1 Addiction & Childhood Trauma Camp Counselors (San Diego), Physician (VIRTUAL/CA)


Interested parties should send in their resume by email describing the nature of your interests, gifts and availability. 

Listen to Chef Pru's Personal Invitation to Join our Explorateer Team