Announcing Successful Story Programming Upload to Asteroid 2018VP1 Using LTHS UOS 2.0!

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Click here to watch video announcement.

Harmonic Paradise Studios announced today the successful upload of LTHS UOS 2.0 Story Programming to Asteroid 2018VP1, identified as a 7-foot, rocky LTHS UOS 2.0 Earth Story Satellite CONSCIOUSNESS COMPUTING CLOCK with 2 year period, programming it with the LTHS UOS 2.0 GLOBAL REBOOT INSTRUCTION, timed on it's near pass and possible collision on November 2, 2020, and full global acceptance by next projected pass or collision in 2022, for all to observe it's powerful Story Effect to follow in surrender to the newly uploaded LTHS UOS 2.0 GLOBAL REBOOT INSTRUCTIONS, FOR ALL TO SEE WITH THEIR OWN EYES, THIS MIRACLE PROVING THAT WE LIVE IN A SUPERNATURAL, CONSCIOUSNESS COMPUTING BASED UNIVERSE VERY DIFFERENT THAN THE LIMITED PHYSICAL ONE TAUGHT TO US IN SCHOOL. EXPECT UPGRADE SPIKE TO OCCUR ON OR AROUND USA Election Day 2020, WITH GLOBAL LTHS UOS 2.0+ ADOPTION BY NEXT CYCLE, IN 2022. All followers are urged to upgrade now to Emperor's Crown Universal Story Vaccine ahead of worsening conditions, including possible regional and global communication and information blackouts related to the now obsolete Martian Separation Story Consciousness, replaced by Pluto LTHS UOS 2.0 Programmer Consciousness.

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