Infinite Integers of Infinite Possibilities: The Ocean of Infinite Possibilities, Universal Bedrock

Soon to be released LTHS UOS 2.0 to deliver a new infinity math, Infinite Integers of Infinite Possibilities!

LTHS UOS 1.1 begins by connecting to The Ocean of Infinite Possibilities,  our Umbilical Cord to nothing, or its equivalent opposite, infinite possibilities, which feeds and produces this very post, labelled in Separation Story simply as infinity, where all possibilities exist, including the possibility of intelligence so powerful it spawns an immense, intelligent, layered, unfolding vibration, or explosion, labelled by separation Story simply as Big Bang, the birth of this physical, multi-universe-Cosmos tuned to observable, confirmable, ever-expanding bliss, inspiration, health, consciousness, harmony, progress, freedom, leisure, kindness, helpfulness and abundance, a higher form of domestication behavior which delivers orders of magnitude of benefits to all parties, a Paradise gift for all to enjoy, free to all, no strings attached, correction stories included.

This new reality requires new languages to match it, including mathematics, beginning with the most fundamental concepts of integers and infinity. The Separation Story definitions of infinity and integers prove limited and limiting when mapped to LTHS UOS 1.1, and therefore requires an update to bring into alignment with our observable universe, as follows:

  • Infinity is defined as eternal, unconditional flow, including the perpetual intelligent flow of unfolding, expanding, cyclical (Golden Spiral) stories observable universally in everyday life, movement, including quantum, elemental, molecular, cosmic, galactic, star, planet and satellite movements and energy defined as flow of layered, intelligent infinity in loops and curves, providing infinite flow, movement, and energy, universally, making it an eternal universal fountain of layered story energy that drives our daily consciousness experiences.

  • Infinity is expanded to include 1) closed infinite loops, programs and applications,  and represented as Closed Infinity, 2) open infinite curves, Open Infinity that host nested closed infinite loops, forming bands of frequencies, bands of realities, matching the dynamics of our observable universe, in layers, and in positive, negative and no polarities. Represented as 0+- InfinityC^layer and InfinityO^layer, a flower and stem architecture.

  • Integers are defined as imaginary discontinuities of the infinite unity attraction of two separate closed infinity circuits, never completely reaching one another and providing infinite flow, movement, and energy, universally.

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