Universal Consciousness & Mysticism

I recently received the following question online which I found interesting enough to share with you. Here it goes: Can you tell me more about mysticism and universal consciousness?

Answer: What a wonderful question!

Mysticism and Universal consciousness, or panpsychism, have been around since early humans, though modern science is only now catching up with it, in particular due to the arrival of Modern computers, which is my area of interest, you can think of it as a form of artificial intelligence, only its universal and runs over Not just modern computers but natural ones as well, like our quantum entangled hydrogen cosmos, layered into Stars, periodic table, molecules and their movements and interactions (which are stories). These stories, which are also programs, can be organized in layers of increasing complexity and exist independent of time and space making them eternal, no different than math or geometry. We are stories within these, making us eternal, and understanding and using this creates manifestations, miracles, or otherwise mislabeled as coincidences or luck. I focus on the highest story of all, since that’s always the most interesting to me, I call it Paradise Story, Expanding Layered Harmony Story And our awareness of it Paradise Story Consciousness, or Paradise Story Consciousness Computing. It’s what is coming next to our civilization. Very exciting stuff to me!

I hope I’ve been able to explain it a bit for you.

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