Your treasured, sacred donations mean the world to us and literally provide life-sustaining support to our voluteers, including myself! Donations are also used to improve and expand the experiences and reach of our important mission of helping deliver a higher, expanded harmony consciousness and way of life for our Planet Earth, which is in desperate need of solutions like these which are positive, free, green, healthy, healing and with no strings attached!  Too good to be true? It is too good to be true in the old, now collapsing, SEPARATION STORY but not in the new, Paradise Story World!  Its exactly the way we like to do everything, in fact, its the vary same way our Cosmos, Solar System and Earth were created, and everything and everyone in it, including each of us.  We hope you'll decide to donate to our important mission and join our PARADISE EARTH RESORT team as DONATEER!


All DONATEERs receive a limited, signed, original, Ink Sketched WELCOME Card from Chef Pru.